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What did I say about sport?

What has 2 heads, four legs and three arms? Our lead guitarist, Boeme.

Graeme, the sixth Loader.

A brief history of ARIAs.

No Sport. Ever.

First Shows for 2012

Is that even true?  Who knows?  It feels true, but after 20 years the shows, the days, the years; they build up. They don’t all feel the same but sorting chronologically becomes a challenge. Bugger it, lets go with it … Continue reading

Last show for 2011.

Well, yes, we play shows.  We’re a band, that’s what bands do.  It’s at The Annandale, this Friday, December 2nd. You should come, it’ll be grand.  Chinese Burns Unit and Raise The Crazy are also playing. Anyhooo, we’ll just get … Continue reading