Last show for 2011.

Well, yes, we play shows.  We’re a band, that’s what bands do.  It’s at The Annandale, this Friday, December 2nd.

You should come, it’ll be grand.  Chinese Burns Unit and Raise The Crazy are also playing.

Anyhooo, we’ll just get this out of the way, eh?  No, we didn’t go to the ARIAs.  No we didn’t think we would win.  We did have a friend going and thought juuuust in case, we’ll send along a speech and he can accept for us in the highly improbable event that we win.

Bizarrely, our name was read out.

Our friend did accept on our behalf but none of this was televised.  Following is what we gave to Lindsay to read on our behalf;


If Radio’s The Doctor is reading this from stage, it means the unthinkable has happened and Floating Me has been robbed!!

The members of Front End Loader can think of no finer way to spend an evening than to be here with you all.  Unfortunately, as an independent band that has been not making money and not selling albums for many years, our budget does not allow this.

To our fans who congratulated us on the nomination, we accept in the spirit that you’ve offered it.  You have proven over the years to be a strange bunch of freaks, but you’re our freaks and we’ve grown fond of you.  If this award makes you happy, go right ahead and enjoy that.

We’re not sure what the award means – we know there’s no cash prize, because that’s the first thing we asked.  If there is any value attached to this award then it belongs to our partners and families, past and present, who have enabled, tolerated and endured the challenges and bullshit involved in being Australia’s least popular, relatively well-known band.

To the Australian Music Industry … as you were … please carry on … we mean you no harm.  We will continue to write Rock Music that we enjoy, play shows when and where we can, and record and release this music as our time, money, and circumstances permit.  None of these activities concern you so please, move along, and let us never speak of this again.


So there you have it – just in case you were wondering.

Anyhow, as we were saying, we do have a show coming up, so let’s just focus on that, shall we?

Hopefullly we’ll see you there.

The F.E. Loader Band

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