With the usual lack of fanfare, and unseemly scramble to get everything finished, Front End Loader present album no. 6, Ritardando. Why Ritardando, and what is the relevance of the term to Front End Loader? It derives from its three component parts: ‘Rit’, a corruption of ‘writ’, representing legal threats for repayment of monies; ‘Ar’, representing the many benefits piracy has brought music lovers; and ‘Dando’, meaning a public, precipitous and humiliating fall from grace. Others might argue that the outdated, archaic interpretation of Ritardando as a musical term meaning ‘slow down’ is more relevant to Front End Loader, but they would be cruel, if correct.


  1. But Before I Do
  2. Bury Your Dead, Mademoiselle
  3. Decisions, Decisions, Decisions
  4. Bring It On
  5. Once Again
  6. Lily White
  7. The Duality Of Man
  8. I Like To Help Out Where I Can
  9. Bronzed Up
  10. Standards
  11. My Other Pants
  12. Tool For A Tool
  13. The Anger Dollar

distributed by MGM